Who Is Natalia?

Well, that’s a million dollar question if there was one. 

Hi. I am Natalia. You know, the photographer.

I also wear or have worn a few other hats, which you are likely to see the reflection of in the photos. Climbing, parkour, bicycling, project management, trail running, translation, waiting tables and tending bar, making cheese and chocolate, the list goes on. Why do I tell you this? To sound cool, duh. But seriously,

while it’s not always the case, the story is often best told by someone who has experienced firsthand the ecosystem of the subject matter. To capture just the right movement, just the right moment – the decisive moment! – the right light, the right composition, that altogether bring the picture alive, and transpire the very message that the author strives to convey. And no, I don’t manage to nail this every single time. But what matters, to me, and hopefully, to you, – is that I try my best to do just that. 

Hire Format

I have been around the photography-industry block for around 10 years, and I’m fluent in most types of photoshoots: events (conferences, corporate, receptions, awards, birthdays, elopements, anniversaries, etc. etc.), portraits/headshots (environmental portraits, professional headshots, etc.), action sports (climbing, snowboarding/skiing, hockey, parkour, running, car races, etc.), nature and outdoors (for that I have a dedicated website called, lifestyle, product.

My minimum fee is $400 for anything up to 2 hrs. After 2hrs it’s $100 per each additional hour. That gets you all the full resolution files free of watermarks and lightly edited if needed (exposure, contrast, colour correction, crop). Usually I provide two folders: full resolution at print-ready 300dpi and web-ready at 72dpi. That’s just for your convenience. 

If you would like your own gallery/website, featuring the photos from your event, you and I will engage in another conversation, making sure all your needs are met, and agree on the cost. 


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